ben folds - 07.30.07
By: jrecto86
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well i just got back from virginia beach. and i hate mayer fans.

we got there and tried to meet him. we got a big old no from the po'po'.
we went in and heard less than one song from the opener band.
folds came on and started to play and it was the worst sound system/sound guy ever! i was sitting in the lawn area by myself because i got a ticket too late, which was good because i could fit on the front of the lawn area.

here's the setlist.

-ARMY (i was the only one in earshot doing the horn part)
-LANDED (some dude with a tamborine ran out and went apeshit and the crowded actually cheered for this song)
-he then opened the piano and pulled out a broken string and gave it to some dude up front. damn why couldn't that have been me.)
-JESUSLAND (the last half he went off on the Korg)
-The brown note, which he said was 14hz but only went down to 16hz and said that would make weaker people shart.
-NARCOLEPSY (an epic 8 minute version which i video taped and i'll upload someday)
-SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS (a ton of skanky chicks were dancing and singing along, and he also played the Korg like a Keytar)
-NOT THE SAME (which he taught the audience the harmony parts... but they didn't do, and he stood on the piano while trying to get them to do it)
-ONE ANGRY DWARF (freaking awesome)
-when they were going crazy on the last note of OAD, Ben walked off and back on like a mini encore and they played the chorus with the words "Thank you very much Virginia Beach" then "Thank you very much John Mayer"

all in all it was a good time.
-Ben was as awesome as always
-I loved the mothers faces when he slipped in shit and f*ck
-It felt weird, and good, being the only person leaving after Folds played.
-I hate John Mayer fans because they talk loud and dress way to skimpy for the amount of fat they have. Their moms too.
-Security Guards shouldn't be such a-holes.
-John Gayer, I mean Mayer's live performance lacks any fun.
-And lastly, F*CK the VABeach Amphitheater for not putting Folds on the big screens, but only putting John Gayer on them.
By: speedy_the_drummer (posted 31-07-2007)
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