Braden Auditorium/Illinois State Univ, Normal

2nd April 2007 - US




Show was great. At first I was like, don't tell me I came all this way just to see the same set, (not that it wouldn't have been fantastic anyway, I just like having something that makes the show unique, and let me tell you this show was unique) until Losing Lisa started, and then it was already worth it, I've only seen it once before. And then after Gracie was finished I yelled EDDDIIIEE WALLLKKEERR.... and he broke it out. And it was tasty. And I was happy. So I figured I try my luck again, and after Lullabye (which I was impressed with the proper clapping) I yelled for Evaporated. And he went off and told us the whole story about him in the lederhosen and the man wanting Ben to take him to Mount Airy, which I'd heard on a boot before, but it was a good time to hear it live. And then he broke out Roll out the Barrell, which, in Wisconsin we sing at every Brewers game, so I know the words. Apparently no one else does. Anyway. Then was telling us that after he quit that job he went to try out to play bass in a funk bass group, but he didn't know how to play anything but one song (would have fooled me) and he made it in anyway. So he went over to the bass, and then decided it'd be a good idea to play the drums at the same time. I agree, Ben, I agree. What he does is he smacks the bass with the drumsticks. I've got some video of it. It was really hard to get because there was a really really bitchy lady near us. No pictures at all, or loss of camera. Uuugh. Anyway.

And then when he got back to the piano; "Where was I? Oh yeah..." and those fourths started, and mmmm. Evap's my favorite track that that man's produced so it's a good good thing when Ben plays it, I'd also, only seen that once before.

He during Narco, (he didn't do the 10 htz thing, thank goodness, I was growing weary of it, just because I get to so many shows..... it happens.) he took of one of his shoes to play on the synth with his toe and then played with both hands on the piano. So then when Such Great Heights came on he just took off his other shoe to be symmetrical. Yes.

Then when he was starting Underground (which is nearly orgasmic with the band) he was telling us how it did well in the UK but how the first five singles BF5 put out had flopped here in the states. Anyway, the WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU was great, so many people did it, and Jared looked at us, like he didn't know who he was either. It was good, very good.

THEN, the reall uniqeness of the evening began.
Encore, the wait for it was ungodly longer than normal. And some in house tech person ran and got his shoes and he came out in no pants, just boxers, and this, had to have been, XXL t-shirt, that was white and said on it "Bored? I have plans for you." And then had Illinois State's concert schedule on the back and all the people who were there that year had signed it, and Ben signed it, upside down, because he was wearing it. And he comes out and did Short Bus, which, I have a slight video of it, but I'm really really loud and my pronuciation of "suspension" is always bad. So don't mock, once I upload it.

Then after Dwarf someone threw up their black t-shirt, and he put it on his head...... and then, the most odd thing of the night, Ben getting up to conduct Not the Same from the piann, got up there and knelt down to do his normal thing, butttttttt as boxers work, yyeaaah, those of us in the first couple rows got an embarassed, but continued about his way, Ben. Hahahaha. And I could think to myself was "he's gonna start wearning sweatpants, and then you're gonna see his nutsack... Oooohhhh ben folds' nuts...." and the hilarity of it all.
By: Allison (posted 03-04-2007)
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