Memorial Fieldhouse/Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania, Indiana

30th March 2007 - US




Friday, March 30th, 2007
I started my day like any other concert date that lands on a weekday, I skipped class and drove to the venue. Indiana University was the destination, and I arrived there at 10:00am, the same time Ben’s bus did. I was all excited, just seeing the bus, but I knew not to hound around it all morning long, like some kind of stalker, so I went and sat at the entrance of the venue, The Memorial Field House. After about ten minutes I was like “Ok? no other die hard fans? WTF?” SO for the next few hours I walked around the building and picked up a copy of the school’s new paper. Around 3:00 one of my friends from IUP brought me lunch just as one of my former high school peers walked by and was in shock to see me in line so early, then she recalled that I WAS a big Ben Folds fan back then.

Blah blah blah, about two hours before doors some fans stated showing up, some not quite ready to join the lonely and awkward looking guy in line (by the way, that’s me) Eventually I am joined by some really cool kids and we disused pervious Folds concerts and such.

Once doors opened, the security confiscated my video camera (don’t worry, I got it back after the show) and I rushed into the gym. To my dismay, like at every other Folds concert I’ve been to where I WAS in fact the first person in line (for several hours), I found a few people already in the golden stop right in front of Ben’s piano. I was all “WTF mate?” over that, but I let it go, only because they were cool , it was their first Folds concert, and there was still space for me and the cool people I met in line. They only got in before me, the first person in line, because the one kid’s dad was the promoter, oh well.

Eventually the lights dim and Eff takes the stage. Eff opened with an acapella song and then played about five songs on his acoustic guitar. He was a very well suited opener for Ben, however, his set could have been longer.

After Eff, the lights came up and we waited. It was the until mate countdown…then the song came on…then the band!
I was expecting Ben to either start right off the bat with an IUP themed song, or start rocking it with Dr. Pyser, but no, he sat at his Piano for a few seconds and played a bit of the opening tune to Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood, said hi neighbors, THEN went into Pyser and the show was on
The PERFORMED set list is as follows:
1. Lovely Day in This Neighborhood tune
2. Dr. Pyser
3. Trusted
4. Gone
5. Synth fun (with “What Does Number 69” sound like, which turned into the “Summer of 69 at Indiana a song)
6. All U Can Eat
7. Jesus Land
8. Bastard
9. Cooler Than You
10. Still Fighting it
11. More Synth Fun “Alex F” & “Ghostbusters” melodies
12. You To Thank
13. Losing Lisa
14. Landed
15. Bitches Ain’t Shit
16. Fred Jones Part 2
17. Brick
18. Bass & Drum Fun (at this time, Ben left the piano, got a bass, started jamming on it, then carried it over to the drum set and started playing BOTH the drums and the bass at the same time. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen EVER! God do I hope he has a track like that on his new album!)
19. Brown Note
The Band Comes back
20. Narcolepsy (with brown note…”nothing hurts when you shit your pants”
21. Sanford and Son (yet another audience request)
22. Such Great Heights
23. Army
24. Kate
25 Underground
26.Not The Same
27. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces

After the show, campus police and security put pressure on people to leave the gym. I was kinda pissed and panicked at this because before the show I asked the one security guard to see if he could get me one of the set lists from Ben’s panio when the clean up crew starts cleaning up the stage and throwing stuff (like they do), and now I didn’t even have a chance to get the set list, because we were all pushed out of the gym before the stage crew started cleaning up the stage. I got my camera from the security office and then went to the merch table where I was VERY disappointed to see none of the merch changed since the fall tour (except for the dates on the back of the supersunnyspeedgraphic shirt). Then I ran outside to Bens tour bus, where like everyone and their mothers were. I ran into A BUNCH of people out there that I went to school with and such. I traded my Ben experiences and facts with other fans while waiting. I met some more cool people and now have some Ben Folds friends in the PA/OH/WV tristate area (instead of Ben Folds Friends ONLY online….or in the Upstate New York area.

While standing in the crowd, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around only to see the one seucity guard with the set list and he gave it to me, and commended me on my dedication to waiting in line all day and asking politely for the set list. I was speechless at this moment. I had a BEN FOLDS SET LIST!!!!. Then I looked down, and I saw that there were a few songs actually cut from the show mainly because of the synth fun and the audience yelling out requests .the physical set lsit is as follows

1. Pyser
2. Trusted
3. Gone
4. All U Can Eat
5. Learn To Live
6. Jesusland
7. Bastard
8. Cooler Than You
9. Still Fighting It
10. Losing Lisa
11. You To Thank
12. Landed
13. Bitches Aint Shit
Annie Waits
Rockin The Suburbs
Fred Jones
Such Great Heights
Not The Same

It was weird because the numbers stopped at 13

Eventually Mr. Sam Smith exited the bus where I proclaimed “SAM SMITH!!!!” which was followed by a group of kids yelling the same thing, where somebody replied something along the lines of “Shit, he’s got a cult following” Once, Sam acknowledged me I was said to him “Sam, I’m disappointed at you, I friended you on myspace and you never friended me back” which made him laugh. I noted to him his facial expressions and how for half the songs he looked very serious and then eventually would go into a happy look, with no middle ground. I go a picture and him to sign my set list. He signed next to his favorite song (Learn To Live). I congratulated him on doing a on par with Lind-Z job, even with Bitches.

Security then yelled at us to get into a line. I was originally like 5th closest to the tour bus door, but a bunch of people started pushing and yelling, and I, like many other true folds fans went to the back of the line where we could get organized, and let the immature “fans” (mainly ugly slutty girls) battle it out. When the time came to meet Ben, I froze up, but still managed to get my setlist signed and get a picture. Gah! I wasted my chance to ask him to mix up the set list and bring back songs like Song for the Dumped, Bad Idea, Steven‘s Last Night, and/or even Make Me Mommy.

After that I said bye to Sam and my new friends, some of them whom I will be seeing in two weeks in Ohio.

Overall it was an amazing show. I had more respect for the audience as a whole for NOT shouting out for Rock this Bitch and Bitches aint Shit all show long. Many fans shouted for philosophy, where ben replied he forgot how to play it, hahaha. The synth fun songs were cool, but I would have rather seen more of the songs from the physical set list

Fun times

By: sek53 (posted 31-03-2007)
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