Burress Hall was a great show! Other than the A/C not seeming to work at all - it was like an oven in the hall.

We were way in the back (since I didn't find out about the show until 2 weeks ago) but we have much better seats for the JMU show in 2 more weeks.

Here is what I have as the setlist.

Feel free to correct me - there were a couple songs that I didn't recognize (must be ones I didn't like on the CD's :) )

Theme From Dr. Pyser
All U Can Eat
Balcksburg, Virginia / Rock this Bitch
Hava Nagila
Still Fighting It
You to Thank
Losing Lisa
Bitches Ain't Shit
Fred Jones pt.2
South's Gonna Do It Again (almost)
Such Great Heights
The Ascent of Stan
Zak and Sara
Not the Same

One Angry Dwarf

Like I said - feel free to correct me on any order issues -but I am pretty sure this is accurate.

Hopefully by the time that JMU show rolls around he will be bored with some of the lineup and change it up some. If not - I will be happy anyways - I heard all my favorites with the exception of Song for the Dumped.

This was my second show (I saw him the first time in Chapel Hill in 2001) and I am still as impressed as I was in the beginning.

Rock on bitches.
By: ImAnAngryDwarf (posted 28-03-2007)
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