iTunes sneaks out a new Ben Folds album

2/August/2005 - 9:32

Download a new Ben Folds Album on iTunesiTunes has released a new Ben Folds album compiled especially for the online music shop.

Part of the 'iTunes originals' series, the album contains 28 tracks of assorted album tracks, live recordings, and interview snippets with Ben. The full tracklist:

01 - iTunes Originals
02 - Bastard (live)
03 - My Inner White Man Came Out In Full Bloom (interview)
04 - Philosophy (live)
05 - Nothing Manly About Walking Around Singing Neil Sedaka (interview)
06 - Boxing (live)
07 - Writing About Yourself Without Being Emotionally Lewd (interview)
08 - Alice Childress (live)
09 - A Really Rough Year (interview)
10 - Brick (live)
11 - Making a Stadium Feel Like a Living Room (interview)
12 - Smoke
13 - I Understood What She Was Talking About (interview)
14 - Selfless, Cold and Composed
15 - Meeting Shatner (interview)
16 - In Love
17 - A New Clean Slate (interview)
18 - Mess
19 - The Scariest Thing You've Ever Done Is Right On The Horizon (interview)
20 - Still Fighting It
21 - Making Songs for Silverman (interview)
22 - Prison Food
23 - Landed (live)
24 - A Walk Through Any City In America (interview)
25 - Jesusland (live)
26 - When Desperate Static Beats The Silence Up (interview)
27 - Late (live)
28 - You To Thank (live)

Although the release date says August 30th, you can download it now... providing you're in the USA. That's right - no iTunes loving for us non-Americans yet again. Whether they'll put it up internationally on the 30th is anyone's guess (and I doubt it), but for now you can choose the US store and listen to the sample clips.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love this on a real, actual CD. Remember them? They were like iTunes, but anyone could buy them...

Thanks to Jake and the_rapture!

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