Whatever and Ever Amen reissue tracklisting revealed!

12/February/2005 - 11:40

Sony have finally released the tracklisting to the extended reissue of Ben Folds Five's "Whatever and Ever Amen" album, due out at the end of March, and it's not good:

Video Killed the Radio Star
For All the Pretty People
Mitchell Lane
Theme from 'Dr. Pyser'
She Don't Use Jelly
Song for the Dumped

As suspected, "classic lost tracks" translated to a hotch-potch of old B-sides, with the possible exception of "Video Killed the Radio Star" which has never seen a studio version released (though don't put it past them to just throw a live version on there). Why they didn't put on the tracks we all *really* want to hear is a mystery. Sony are still in cahoots with Ben contract-wise, and will own the rights to recordings made for the Five's never-to-be-released 4th studio album.

Are you listening Sony? This was a BAD IDEA and this album is going to SELL A LOT FEWER.

Nevertheless, thanks to Nate for the heads up!

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