Whatever and Ever Amen reissue confirmed, and official release dates!

28/January/2005 - 23:41

The official Ben Folds newsletter was sent out this evening confirming the release dates of April 26th for "Songs for Silverman", February the 1st for the single Landed to appear on digital music download services (no official CD release - either Sony have embraced the future, or are hedging their bets!), and the release for the rumoured Whatever and Ever Amen re-release will be... ... March 22nd!

That's right - Sony have now officially confirmed not only a re-release, but a remaster, of Ben Folds Five's second album, and will be adding a total of SEVEN "lost classic bonus tracks", which I suspect might be mostly old B-sides. Incidentally, I'd love to ask Sony how a track can be both 'lost' and 'classic', but there you go.

So - dates to remember!

Feb 1st - Landed on digital music download
Mar 22nd - Whatever and Ever Amen + 7 extra tracks
Apr 26th - Songs for Silverman

Could "Quarter 1 2005" get any sweeter?

Why yes! Benvivor IV signups are now open. You've got until Thursday the 3rd to register your interest before the ball starts rolling. Get in today!

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