Way to Normal released!

29/September/2008 - 10:56

Today's the day Ben's new album Way to Normal gets its official UK release! Remember when we first heard he was heading into the studio...

Oh, well timed! Halfway through typing that last sentence the post lady came and handed me my copy!

Anyway, if you've not grabbed a copy yet you can get the regular edition from Amazon UK, who will also import the deluxe box set if you fancy it. Oddly, the UK CD + DVD edition has appeared as 'out of stock' on Amazon and Play is sporting a 13th October release date. I'm assuming some supplier wobble is responsible. Incidentally, I got my regular edition from Play while I wait for the kills-your-dog-when-it-comes-through-the-letterbox uber edition to make it's way from the States, as it was *marginally* cheaper.

OK, enough cleverly-disguised affiliate links. Now all I have to do is listen to the thing...

PS the cover art on the back rocks.

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