Way to Normal Details Revealed, More US Gigs

2/August/2008 - 13:03

And yes, we can reasonably conclude that the 'leak' contains fake songs.

A fan club mailout this morning came will all kinds of stuff, most notably some information that confirms at least some of the tracks on the internet 'leak' are complete fakes.

Read the whole lot here (thanks Allison), or hit these facts:

  • Bitch Went Nuts - Ben almost left it off the album because he didn't want people to think it was about Frally, and mentions the 'stabbed a basketball' lyric, which is in the live version, not the leaked version.
  • Brainwascht - Ben: "I suggest a 'dance-off' in the bridge" - again, not in the leak version, but was in the live version.
  • Hiroshima - can now be listened to on imeem, and it's pretty identical to the leak, so we're probably right to suspect that Hiroshima, You Don't Know Me and Cologne are real, and that's why they disappeared from the torrent version of the leak.
Being internet geeks, we could analyse every sentence, but with these three stonking great clues we really don't need to. Feel free though.

(Side note - I'm listening to Sunny 16 as I write this, and Ben just sang "And now that the gig is up, the spell is broken...". It sure is, Ben!)

Also, for you Americans a number of tour dates have been announced to support the album, which are all in the tour page. Why not flag up which ones you're attending? If you go for an album pre-order through ticketmaster when buying a ticket between 4th and 7th August you get "Hiroshima" and "You Don't Know Me" (oh man, Ben just sang 'Slave to these people who don't even know you'. This is getting creepy) mp3s immediately. Details here.

Finally, in case you missed it, here's the Way to Normal album art :)

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