Way To Normal tracklisting revealed

22/July/2008 - 23:29

Suspicious though I am of anything on NME's website that isn't about Pete Doherty and hasn't been copy/pasted from Pitchfork, they have posted a full tracklisting of Ben's new album, 'Way to Normal'.

Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hits His Head)
Dr. Yang
The Frown
You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)
Before Cologne
Errant Dog
Free Coffee
Bitch Went Nuts
Kylie from Connecticut

The absence of the track 'Way to Normal' has added more weight to the 'fake leak' theory, though I'm sure we'd reached consensus?

Ignoring the 'The Frown' possible typo, I found the appearance of 'Before Cologne' interesting. A good theory came from greggraham who reckons the 'Hoppipolla'-esque intro may be separated from the rest of the song altogether, which is a great idea but will drive those of us without gapless-playback mp3 players nuts.

Incidentally, the subtitle of Hiroshima - 'B B B Benny Hit His Head' - is how Ben introduced the song in Sheffield the other week.

Speaking of the leak: fake or not, I'm really starting to enjoy these tracks - and isn't that the point?

Thanks to d/d/d/wd/Drew and kingrikk for the head-start on the lyrics.

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