Watch and download Ben Folds Landed music video!

1/April/2005 - 21:01

Watch and download Ben Folds Landed videoRemember when I brought you that exclusive first listen of Landed? That big ol' button that's still sitting up there? Well I'm very pleased to direct your attention to its new neighbour.

Yep. Thanks to Jake, I can now bring you the full music video for Landed, as premiered on Australian TV's "Rage" a few hours ago.

There are a couple of things to note here. First of all, I was WAY off with my prediction of a sappy "Don't Change Your Plans" style montage... When Ben mentioned an orangutan a while back at a gig, he wasn't kidding.

Secondly, the track is actually the strings version of Landed, as will appear on the Songs for Silverman release!

My bandwidth does get pricey, and I'm expecting a hammering, so if anyone is able to offer a mirror for the MPEG then let me know and I'll list it. Those without server space could always just hit that 'donate' button over on the left...

Enough from me! Go! Enjoy! And extend eternal gratitude to Jake (again)!

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