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19/August/2001 - 20:20

The official V2001 website has a link to Virgin Radio, which is in theory playing songs from the V2001 gigs... so do have a listen in case any of Ben's songs get played. I can't get it to work, though, but then my computer pretty much works on willpower these days, and I'm running short on that. Anyway. You'll find the link to Virgin Radio Online here.

Also, for anyone who may have missed it, this site now has it's own chatroom - right here. So far I haven't seen anyone in it, but if people post to the message boards to organise a get-together I'm sure we'll be able to get chatting soon.

I think that's all for the time being. Just as a reminder though, the release of the album is drawing ever nearer, it's probably worth keeping an eye on your favourite music magazines and websites for reviews of Rockin' the Suburbs and/or articles about The Great Mr Folds. And of course, if you find any, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us know about them...

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