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17/January/2003 - 3:10

Ben is planning an Australian tour with some other Bens in March. If you're an Oz resident, don't miss out! Details here!

Thanks nice_hat!

Popular novelist Nick Hornby has a collection of essays entitled, "Songbook" headed for the shelves! This collection features short pieces on songs that have proven instrumental (no pun intended) in Hornby's life. Some of you may remember Hornby's novel (and film) "High Fidelity" that showcases Hornby's love of pop music and its importance in his life.

What does this have to do with Ben Folds Five? Hornby includes "Smoke" off of "Whatever and Even Amen" in his collection!

According to MSNBC Online, Hornby calls it "one of the wisest songs about the slow death of a relationship that I know" and goes on to say it's "lyrically's also one of the very few songs that's thoughtful about the process of love rather than the object or subject. It was a constant companion at the end of my marriage."

thanks to NickTwisp and JaneBeJane for the heads-up!

Also, Leia reports from the Beacon Theatre show in NYC that Ben has completed several demos for his summer/fall release. He also plans a tour in support of that album.

And finally, the transcripts for "Rockin' the Suburbs" are finally released! Several sites carry the title, and here is a good place to start!

Thanks to elements of rock for the info!

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