US Spring College Tour Kicks Off

24/March/2007 - 19:26

Ben will be starting his spring tour of US colleges tonight at Assumption College in Worcester, MA.

As the dates pass, they will become clickable on the tour page, allowing you to add your comments and/or reviews. I'm also looking for setlists to add in, so be sure to report back! If, like me, your memory isn't that hot, take a scrap of paper. I normally remember them in four-song chunks and then write those down - that way I can enjoy the show and aren't forever scribbling!

Oh yeah, and at times like this people normally ask what the best way to meet Ben is. Easy! Just head round the back of the venue to the stage door after the show, and be prepared to wait a while. The guys are normally happy to have a chat/take photos, but keep in mind that they're normally pretty tired and have to get some sleep in before zipping off to the next town.

Have fun, y'all!

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