Transcriptions ago-go!

24/July/2001 - 23:53

Following the chords to Rockin' the Suburbs being added yesterday, a frenzy of transcription-related tinkerings went on today...

First of all, Kenny has worked out the chords to Hiro's Song. They are currently up on the message board, and I will add them to the chords section in a couple of days when everyone's had the chance to comment and correct (if necessary!). Check them out here.

Secondly, to cope with all the chords/tabs/lyrics that are flying around, I created a special Transcription Board that you can visit here. Intended for musicians who like to play Ben Folds' music, you can post anything from tab to tips!

Thirdly, today I completed a MIDI of 'Still Fighting It'. I will add it to the audio section tomorrow, but for now you can download it here. Be sure to let me know what you think!

I have also converted the midi into sheet music, which I am currently trying to convert into PDF format so everyone can print it out to the right size using the free Acrobat Reader software from Adobe. If anyone has any tips, be sure to drop me a line!

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