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21/December/2007 - 16:46

I love Fridays. They're ace. Especially the last one before Christmas. Especially if there's a big pile of Folds news regarding new songs, album, and all sorts!

Allison, our resident roving reporter, attended the Nashville show on the 19th of Dec, and has come back with a bumper pack of videos, news tidbits and information regarding the new album.

Quick version: Ben's an angry man, and the anger has manifested itself in a number of new songs. The new songs aren't made from exploding synths (as he alluded to a million years ago), but they are frenetic in parts, and funky! It's not Silverman pt 2. The album is scheduled for completion in February, so we can expect to see it in 2008 for definite.

Long version... come right this way.

Thanks Allison. You should know by now that we all love you.

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