The 'burbs are BACK!

4/November/2003 - 20:18

That's right! After a few days of downtime the 'burbs have finally been restored to their former glory. Well, their former state anyway! I've tightened the security, so we shouldn't have any more problems.

So! what's new in the world of Ben? He's played a couple of shows in American universities, with a few more dates to go on his 'mini-tour'.

But some bad news about the third EP that was due this month...

Speaking at one of the shows, Ben said that it may be delayed until after his album was out.

He's not slacking though - Ben has been working hard not just on EPs and his own album, but he is also currently helping former Fear of Pop guest William Shatner with his new album too!

So when do we get new Ben material? The album is due "Early 2004", and Ben has said he will choose 3 songs from the EP 'collection' for the album, and the rest will be new tracks. He also said that he *may* re-record those EP tracks for the album, but with his hectic schedule this might all change.

In other news BEN FOLDS HANGMAN is still available! I've had many requests to keep it online for all you addicts, and will give it a more permanent link. For now though, access it by clicking here.

And a big thanks to all those who emailed me with support. You all rock :)

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