The Bens set to return?

13/July/2007 - 18:31

Hoped dashed from the cancelled cruise? Skipped Mayer in the hopes that Ben would actually schedule some headlining dates near you? Wondering if he's ever going to write that mythical 'exploding synths' album?

Well, out of the blue, there may be more uncertain happening afoot to get unduly excited about, courtesy of Ben Lee's blog. Quoth the Aussie:

OK, here's some gossip for you...there have been some VERY PRELIMINARY talks between the fine gentlemen known collectively as The Bens about getting together sometime before the years end to record some new tunes. That's all I can say for now. Fingers crossed that the stars align themselves in order for it all to happen.

Well, I for one didn't see that coming! I had long forgotten the idle musings of a "The Bens" album (as mooted by Folds over four years ago).

It may be "VERY PRELIMINARY", but dangit, my hopes are already up as far as my armpits. What a weird thing to say.

Thanks to Chris and Chloe for the info!

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