The Bens at Bonnaroo - um, maybe.

18/February/2004 - 9:08

Liam (what is this - like - your THIRD newspage credit in a row?) came careering 'Die Hard' style through my computer screen this morning to let me know about a little petition going on.

For those who don't know, Bonnaroo is a huge music event that happens over in Manchester, Tennessee for three days in the summer.

Well, The Bens fans of the world (or of Tennessee) unite! A petition has been set up to get The Bens to play said festival. Even if you won't/can't attend it might be an idea to sign it, just to get the Bens working together again. Who knows? They might get around to that fabled album...

Bonnaroo info:
The Petition:

OK Liam, I posted. That means these bombs strapped to my waist are disarmed, right? I can leave the buildi...*KABOOM*

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