The Ben Folds Experience

24/April/2007 - 20:04

The Ben Folds Experience - February 2008What happens to soft-rock musicians in their old age? Some disappear off the radar. Some get real jobs (in Burger King). Some wear tie-dye tops, pull back the long grey strands of what hair they have left into a pony tail, use the 'Best Of' royalties to buy a big camper van, and keep on rockin' till even the doctors don't know how they're still standing.

Ben looks like he's heading for the latter.

He may be only 40, but Ben is already preparing to live the twilight dream by means of commandeering a big ol' bus and taking to the road for a week-long entertainment extravaganza in February 2008.

February, Ben? This Magical Mystery Tour had better head indoors.

Fanclub members check your email. Everyone else, read on.

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