Supersunnyspeedgraphic - A New Hope?

21/August/2006 - 12:14

Ben Folds SuperSunnySpeedGraphic - a new hope for EP releases?This might not be news. Heck, it might not even be true. But I hate to leave such a negative, whiny post on the news page for very long, and I think that this merits a bit more speculation.

Hidden amongst all the fan ranting, new member Aurore posted a press release from Epic Records from back in April. Mostly concerned with the 'Over the Hedge' soundtrack, the release went on to say:

Ben Folds will continue to demonstrate his musical progression, this summer he will once again join the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. As a testament to the loyalty for his fans he will layer in the complexity of orchestrated stings [sic] to his collection of live EPs, which will be released later this year along with a new studio album in 2007.

Could M H Brauer's additional mastering in fact be added strings? Or should we just hunker down and ride out the cold, harsh winter awaiting the 'new studio album' due in 2007? Throw your tuppence thisaway!

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