Summer Tour and BF5 Live

9/March/2013 - 18:48

First off, a big thank you to our lovely Makiko for the heads up on all of this!

Secondly, Ben was on Inter-FM while in Japan and said that the band is planning on releasing a Ben Folds Five Live record, given that they have recorded all their shows. While Ben recording his live shows is not news, it may mean we get some of the great gems from the past year of shows. 

Thridly, Ben Folds Five has been pegged to join Barenaked Ladies' "Last Summer on Earth" tour that they started in 2012. Joining both bands is Guster. Should make for a good summer of "90s" bands. I imagine that is how the entire thing will be pegged out, but all in good fun. ONLY tour date that is out right now is June 23rd in LA - and don't you worry, it's already on the tour page. Looking through last year's tour routing it looks to cover the lower 48 very well, spanning a month and a half of large - generally outside - venues. See you on the road!


Fourthly, today, March 9, is Robert Sledge's birthday. Have yourself a Sledgian day!

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