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28/July/2003 - 10:22


Ben will be chatting online, today, here!:

If you can get it to work... I'm not having much luck, so it might be worth keeping an eye out at the .com.

Yes yes, I know it's late. Sorry about that.
(If you want to see what has held me back from updating in so long, see here.)

In case you hadn't noticed, the first of 3 EPs to be released by Ben before the end of the year was made available on the 22nd. Here's the low down:

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  1. In Between Days
  2. Give Judy My Notice
  3. Protection
  4. Dog
  5. Wandering

The first track is a cover of a song originally by The Cure and tracks 3 and 4 are new studio recordings of some old demo tracks ("Dog" previously known to fans as "My Dog"). Track 5 was co-written with Darren Jessee for the film "100 Girls", although this is a new, full version rather than the specially-recorded segment that appeared in the film.

The EP will be available at shows, on vinyl through smaller record stores in America, and as a CD or didgital download (iTunes for Mac and Windows Media for PCs) through the official speed graphic website:

There are a few threads on the Boards about the album, but here's the first from when it was just released .

Also, for all you musicians out there, there's a whole lotta transcription going on, including lyrics, chords and even a MIDI file over on the Transcription board.

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