Songs for Silverman released in the UK

25/April/2005 - 10:42

Ben Folds in the UKThe day is finally here! Songs for Silverman is officially released in the UK!

Although I don't expect it to make as much of an impact as it did in Australia (after a comprehensive set of media appearances on TV and radio) or in Japan (with, uh, very little promotion apparently), the CD is in the shops now for you to satisfy your Ben-based consumer needs.

There are two flavours available - the ordinary CD album, and a limited edition 2-disc CD/DVD in "Special Packaging". No prizes for guessing which one I'm hunting down first.

I'm also interested to see what the UK press makes of the album. Initial impressions aren't good, based on the first review I've found, but we shall see. Send me reviews if you find them!

Oh, and another quick tidbit from home - message board member Sebster spotted the video to Landed on UK station "The Amp". Now I wasn't expecting that!

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