Silverman revealed!

29/April/2005 - 22:59

Mr. Songs For Silverman himself - Ben GoldmanThe question baffling fans the world over can now finally be answered, and you read it here first!

Believe it or not, the answer has been staring us in the face for some time. The original title of the album was "Songs for Goldman", named after Ben's A&R guy Ben Goldman.

Consider the evidence:

Ben said in various interviews that "Silverman" was actually a different (and real) person who, close to the album going into production, wanted his name removed. Ben honoured the request and changed "a few syllables" to arrive at "Songs for Silverman". Gold. Silver.

Also, which other CD has Ben put out alongside "Silverman"? That's right: "Songs for GOLDfish".

And the final clue: check the liner notes. Who should be credited first? That's right; Mr. Goldman himself.

Seems kind of obvious now, eh?

And all it took was my Oxford University graduate of a brother to flick idly through my deluxe edition of SFS this afternoon. Thanks Mark - I hereby dedicate to you the sweet sound of a hundred hands slapping foreheads in realisation.

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