Setlist for The Rock

21/July/2001 - 12:54

oneangrydwarf has posted the setlist for "The Rock" to the boards!
Interestingly, he says that what we know as "Hiro's Song" was introduced as "Karaoke Supernova". Has anyone else been to a gig and can shed some light on this? Consider it an icebreaker when he comes out to sign autographs ;)

The running order was as follows:

The Rock
Tuesday July 17th 2001

Not the Same
Losing Lisa
Still Fighting It
Fred Jones Pt. 2
Ascent of Stan
Karaoke Supernova
Zak & Sara
Annie Waits
Carrying Cathy
Rockin' the Suburbs

Song for the Dumped

Looks like Smoke and Song for the Dumped could be the staple BFF numbers for the tour. Check out the post here.

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