News posts info on Ben Folds' new album!

4/November/2004 - 15:31 has just posted an article all about Ben's tribute song to the late Elliott Smith.

The article is very quote heavy, with Ben remembering pre-show encounters with Elliott, and even a basketball game with Beck.

Ben then goes on to disclose details about the new album, including appearances from his current touring band compadres Jared Reynolds and Lindsay Jamieson, guitarist Bucky Baxter on the album working of "Give Judy my Notice", and even an appearance by Weird Al on a new song entitled "Time".

Ben also confirms that the recently toured song "Gracie" will be on the album, and tells us just what his little girl's reaction was...

Many thanks to Michael for digging that up!

Oh yeah - I almost forgot. It also says that the album is due for release in February 2005!

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