Reunion DVD Looks Likely!

27/September/2008 - 18:55

Ben stopped by the other day regarding the DC show bootleg, and in a subsequent conversation with Sepia asked him to pass on a message about the Ben Folds Five Reunion DVD, which he dutifully did:

"by the way, you can tell the burbs that i heard the first rough mixes from the ben folds five myspace show and it sounds excellent.  recorded on multitrack with three days of soundchecking and prep in the same hall made for one of the best sounding live shows i've heard and its not even final mixes.

idea right now is to mix the the myspace show minus the encore and then make a dvd that includes all."

Thanks Ben/Sepia! Also thanks to everyone who went to myspace and posted up their desire to see a DVD - coupled with that promising tidbit from Ben it's looking pretty likely.

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