Return of Ben with Caps and Vague Information. Ovation TV things, too.

29/August/2008 - 4:33

As promised, Ben came by again to give us some real music news. (If you're reading this from the RSS feed you need to right click the link and open the link that way, there seems to be a bit of a glitch, and without Andy around, no one to fix it. Perhaps we should send Andy away more frequently, exciting things have happened!)

I would try to summarize what Ben said, except, that, why bother? He said it best himself. He spent over half of his post explaining an old quote he said about Wayne Coyne (of The Flaming Lips) and Tori Amos, and some drama that apparently stirred up on the .org because of it. He was also successful in his attempt to post using capital letters. Congrats, we knew you had it in you!

As for what is perhaps, the most vital news bit of Ben's post, is vague. It's all still a secret, which we will apparently know soon. So I'll leave it to Ben to tell you the rest;

The next US tour is going to be quite a bit different. I thought since touring business is abysmal in the US right now I'd just hire extra people and up the production. We're even having a production MEETING tomorrow and a week of rehearsals. This is really strange behavior around here. But we're having a fine time and the ideas are flying. I have to stop coming up with production ideas for the fake songs though until we're finished with the songs on the real album and the medley of cover songs.

We've been planning something for Chapel Hill on Sept 18th that I'm told we have to wait a few more days to announce. There will be those who shit. I know I will. Very excited but I gotta hold it in a few more days. 

So, who's ready to head out to Chapel Hill on the 18th? What has he got up his sleeve? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Ben didn't talk about Ovation TV, but the first showing was today. Those of us without Dish and/or cable that carries it (or in my case, cable at all) didn't see it. You can, however, watch Errant Dog and this nice near 11 min long interview, where the camera op is rather insane, or maybe it's artsy? Thanks for the tip off, Christine!

And - we're working, on a, erm, project. Please. Check it out soon, especially if you're overseas. And uh, thanks Mel for grammar checking my entire post. :)

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