Questions for and Answers from Ben Folds

18/April/2009 - 8:03

First off, Ben's been answering fanclub questions that we never got to in our chat earlier this month. I've cross posted them here and here. AND Here!

Highlights of that include more talk of a Messner reissue; "There's no telling what Sony will decide to do now that I'm getting to the end of my contract. I would be happy for them to put that out, possibly with the extra tracks that I just described in the prior question. A double album with the Myspace show version would be interesting. The mixes of that sound amazing. They did not sound amazing on the broadcast which was a shame but probably necessary to compress files or whatever. I'd also like to reissue some of those records on proper vinyl some day."

Then, just to let you know we are in talks with Ben's managment team getting our own Q&A together. The moment I check my email and have a 100% for certain date and time (or Andy does, who's on vaction currently... but we have only ever discussed one date) you will see it here. It will be soon. I mean, very soon. If you do not think you will be able to fit it in your schedule, send either Andy or myself an email or a PM with your question and we'll dish them out at him as well. (If it's possible.) Or maybe they'll be giving us an admin from the management side of things. Obviously do not know all the details quite yet.


UPDATE: I'm in the midst of playing phone tag with one of the guys from Vector. He said "next week" however. So start thinking of those questsions!


Thirdly, before you get your hopes up this is not real. But I hope it turns into a good time. I miss the old one.

And lastly, you fans in Japan have your next dish of Folds dates headed your way. (Thanks, Makiko!)

July 19 - Nano-Mugen Festival - Yokohama Arena
July 20 - Nano-Mugen Festival - Yokohama Arena
July 21 - (solo show) Liquid Room - Tokyo

Maybe that means an Australian leg of Mr Ben Folds either before or after? I hope for you Aussies sake.

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