Playin' On The Radio

9/November/2006 - 11:39

A man with a radio. Most likely not listening to Ben Folds.Today's the day Ben Folds will make not one, but two radio appearances!

According to the .com, he will first be on "The Bob and Tom Show" at 8:30am (local US time) which is carried by a big pile of stations - I can't find one that webstreams outside the USA, so if anyone can tape this it'd be much appreciated! Click here for a big list of stations to find one near you!

Then, he will be "Live from Studio A" on WFUV 90.7fm in New York, which is handily webcast for all us overseas. It says he'll be 'live' at 9pm, but you can 'catch pieces of the session at 8:15am and 4:45pm'. Not sure how that affects the general space-time continuum, but suffice to say those are all local New York times (UTC/GMT -5 hours) and you can tune in here.

Looking ahead, Ben is also scheduled to head back into the Sirius 'Left of Sessions' studio next Weds 15th Nov at 9pm ET (GMT 2AM Thursday - I think). Of course, this is limited to subscribers of Sirius radio, and I used up my free online trial the last time he was in those studios, so if anyone can help us out... ;)

Thanks to greenie22 for the heads up!

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