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1/April/2005 - 11:08

Gracie 'Cover' - April Fool!April Fools!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. I must thank my partner-in-crime Fran though. Did I say thank? I meant half-blame. There is, of course, no word on the new single yet (after all, it is obscenely early and "Landed" is only just making it's way out - more on that next!).

The 'news' was copy/pasted here, here and here.

I made the cover art myself, and added the little eBay style watermark for a bit of added authenticity. Bonus points to anyone that actually went scouring eBay.

Why Gracie? I thought with the relevant amount of distaste for this song going round, it'd be nice to see what the reaction would be. My favourite response was !gas!panic!'s "do they just throw darts at a board over at epic?". Cheers for the yuks, guys. ;)

Incidentally, 'Charlie' was in fact, Charles IX, without whom there'd be no April Fool's Day. Get your history lesson here.

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