Official shirts and limited edition poster

5/July/2005 - 23:55

Buy Ben Folds t-shirts at the official storeA bit of news from the official mailing list...

First off, the .com have now launched a new official store where you can buy some new SFS shirts. Two of the designs - 'Songs for Silverman' and 'Warhol' - were only previously available on the European tour (though these come in gold instead of blue), and the third - especially for girls - is one of Ben's photos. A sign that Sony are willing to promote his photography as well as his music? Anything that sells, I guess.

Secondly, if you go and buy Songs for Silverman at 'select independent record stores' (in the USA) you'll get a free limited edition poster. Why anyone signed up to the mailing list would not already own the album is beyond me, so good news it'll be available to buy at 'select' tour dates too.

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