New album "So There" with yMusic is out!

19/September/2015 - 15:37

To be honest, it was out about a week ago*, and we are digging it!

First off, Allison set up a quick poll to see which song has grabbed you the most. So far the title track is waay in the lead, but perhaps something else is currently floating your boat? Let us know about it!

We've also had a super-quick turnaround of lyrics and chords for the new tracks, with particular thanks to members Playhouse and Sutter. They're all over here on the transcription board so post up any corrections or requests.

We're also collecting reviews of the new album which are generally pretty positive and quite an achievement in today's musical landscape. Notably among them are this one which puts some time into dissecting the concerto, and this hilarious interview with a slightly tipsy Ben.

Finally, I've been making the site a lot more friendly on mobile devices, so you should now have a much better experience while you're *ahem* "multi-tasking". Enjoy!

(*Except in Australia and Japan, but our friends in Australia can at least stream the new album on Spotify.)

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