New lyrics!

17/July/2001 - 23:46

Guess what everybody? Jeff has emailed me not only the correct setlist for the night, but also took time to decypher the lyrics to the new song, Hiro's Song!
Is he cool or what?

The setlist is below, and the lyrics can be found on the new Lyrics and Chords section.

Thanks also go out to Ben_Folds_Fan, who also took the time to post the correct setlist, and an awesome review to the message board. Check that out here!

I'd also like to hope that everyone who goes to the show tonight night will have as much fun as they did last night! I'll be adding a 'proper' section for all thre reviews either tomorrow or thursday, so keep them rolling in!

Belly Up Tavern Set List
Monday July 16, 2001

Not The Same
Still Fighting It
Annie Waits
Losing Lisa
New: Hiro's Song
Carrying Cathy
Zak and Sara
The Ascent Of Stan
Fred Jones Pt 2
Rockin The Suburbs

1st encore:
Song For the Dumped

2nd encore:
Best Imitation of Myself

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