New Official Site and Fan Club launched

30/September/2008 - 9:20

As expected, today's US release of 'Way to Normal' has heralded a rush of activity.

First of all, the official site has had a revamp and now includes "Ben Folds TV" featuring... I'm not actually sure because it doesn't seem to work on this computer. I'll check it out at home, but I hear it features a lot of Allison. That's gotta be worth watching.

Secondly, the official fan club has been renamed to "The Peoples Front of Judea". I don't know why either (it's a Monty Python reference), but it would be nice if they'd learn to to use apostrophes </pet peeve>.

According to those who've managed to log in (can you tell how often I used my $35 international membership?), membership now includes discounts on merch, though the fees have gone up. Hopefully my password will be emailed to me soon.

Finally, those of you who haven't splurged on the super-awesome edition can check out some pics of it being unboxed here. Thanks to ShannonMS81 for those!

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