New Ben Folds Landed video on the com

6/May/2005 - 20:46

The new Ben Folds Landed videoWhen is one music video not enough? When the artist and his wife take it upon themselves to make whole new one!

Viewable over on the .com, the video features Frally doing her best Enya impression as Ben and the Boys have a jam while waiting for the garage door repairmen to arrive. Once again, it's the strings version of the song, which I suppose is starting to explain why the strings-less mix was originally flagged "new version".

General opinion on this seems to be as split as over the album version of "Give Judy My Notice". Much as I like independent video projects, I must say I'm falling on the negative side of both. I mean, there's got to be about five cuts for every one shot? Understated doesn't have to be boring.

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