New Country Song from Ben Folds called "Broken Piano"

4/September/2013 - 3:37

Ben is part of Sandra Boynton (Grammy nominated for Children's record Philadelphia Chickens) children's book author's newest release Frog Trouble. You can download the record here. 80% of all 'tips' when you download the 3-track preview go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

(Note that the download link is only for the three songs listed - including Ben's - and not the whole album!)

Ben's song is called "Broken Piano" and it's certainly the most country we've heard from him. It tells a story of a kid playing a piano as a kid and falling in love with it, even if all the keys didn't work. All songs were written by Sandra, check out the behind the scenes YouTube - which includes a Folds moment. Like she says; "I mean if you write a song called 'Broken Piano' you've got to ask Ben Folds to do it." Don't turn it off quite yet, there's more Ben later. Other artists on the record include Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss, Ryan Adams, Fountains of Wayne, and Darius Rucker among many more. The album is also avaliable to stream on Spotify

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