My New Year's Resolution

2/January/2008 - 23:11

Happy New Year 2008!Does anyone take these seriously? I like to think that I do. Resultingly, I have no idea how much a packet of crisps costs these days, and the smell of Kentucky Fried McBurger King is actually more of a put off than anything else (that 'WrapStar' in late October was a failed experiment. Or successful, if you note I haven't returned).

So with the obvious dietary tickboxes already checked, I thought it might be nice to turn my efforts outward, and actually do some of those things I keep saying I'm going to do. Hopefully, using the annual 'R' word will somehow focus things.

So, here are my plans:
1) Finish the tour page. I'm talkin' full archives back to that fateful show on the 16th July 2001.
2) Setlist submission - Some way to end my tyrannical reign over the setlist archive.
3) Discography. Holy hell - doesn't this place have one of those STILL? And I thought it was a fan site..!
And finally:
4) Get at least one exclusive item for you dudes. Audio? Video? Autographed banana peel? I've no idea what. Just something. It'll be here and here alone (until our happy friends reupload sans mercy).

How will I fare? Check back in twelve months. Or every day. Or just grab the RSS feed. It'll plug right into iGoogle no problem.

In the mean time, have a great 2008!

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