MySpace Concert DVD release date...

12/January/2007 - 20:16

... has been estimated.

According to the latest fanclub mailing, a DVD of Ben's MySpace gig will "likely" hit stores on the 20th of February 2007. I reckon that'll be a US thing.

Other than that, the mailing reads like a digest of the news board, diligently filled by theSuburbs' finest who have kept it all rollin' along during my holiday-awaytime. First there's the slightly strange Ben Folds cover story on Christian magazine 'Relevant' (though the irony must be appreciated). Secondly, the fact that Ben's "Still" from the 'Over the Hedge' soundtrack may be up for an Oscar.

The mailing also confirms that there are NO fanclub presales for the UK dates, that new members still waiting for their welcome pack will be getting their autographed photos soon, and that those who were in from the start will need to renew their membership soon. Is anyone going to bother? No, seriously, let me know. I can't decide!

Thanks to those who got in touch with me during the hols. I had retreated to the countryside for a long two-weeks for an (almost total) internet detox.

Also cheers to the ever vigilant board members, who kept us all up-to-date!

(PS Ben on UK radio on the 22nd Jan! I'll post a reminder closer to the time!)

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