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3/May/2007 - 23:30

Ben Folds exhausted after working with Amanda Palmer on her solo album in his Nashville studioMore information about Amanda Palmer's solo album (being produced by Ben in his Nashville studio) has surfaced. A vast majority of it can be found on this blog entry, along with some video and a couple of photos - one of which is my new favourite Folds photo. There's quite a lot of it, so good luck!

A more manageable article can also be found here, where Amanda talk to about the album, what Ben'll be doing, and how they hooked up.

Oh yeah, and as for the Ben-on-a-Bus Experience 2008 - turns out the company that is running the (now public) signup-for-more-info page is Sixthman... who do cruises. Hell yeah I'd be up for that! Tod from Sixthman also stopped by the forum to let us know that fan clubbers will get first dibs on whatever this Ben extravaganza turns out to be! Bet you're glad you joined now, eh?

EDIT: melissa has brought it to my attention that the photo is of Amanda, not Ben. What the? Crazy girl's wearing Folds' clothes! Either that or Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers was looking for somewhere to bed down for the night.

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