More Updates (Foldsby and Snuzz)

1/October/2009 - 23:22

On the 27th Ben debuted another new Foldsby track called Belinda. Watch it here on youtube. Download the audio rip from my video that Alexis was so kind to do for us. Ben seems to currently be in the habit of playing at least two of the three tracks we've come to know from the Foldsby project; Picture Window, Levi Johnston's Blues and this one Belinda.


But you knew most of this already, didn't you? You came here for the inside scoop, I'm sure of it. What kind of Ben Folds site would we be otherwise? Well, I wouldn't be one to dissapoint. Mel was at Dallas' M&G last night, and she reports back that Ben said that the Foldsby record is due out, hopefully this coming March. She also states that Ben is still lableless (his deal with Sony now being complete, as we learned last April.)


In OTHER updates. Upset you missed Snuzz-Fest like Ben was? (And most of us were?) Well there's a second chance! Snuzz-Fest-West is being set up for Greensboro, NC on November 8th, 2009. It's at the Blind Tiger, and will feature a reunion of Big Kids and Bus Stop (a band Snuzz was in with Chuck.) The Old Ceremony is on tour during this time, which means no International Orange reunion, unfortunately, but in my talks with Catie, Robert Sledge is scheduled to be there. (As am I!) Watch this space for more details as I get them. You can still donate here!!!!!

Want a taste of Snuzz-Fest past? Here's Steve Williard (of Big Bang Boom, Amplify This.... etc...) covering Snuzz' "Somewhere Out There." On Facebook Video.

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