More New Tracks - Hiroshima and Kylie

5/March/2008 - 21:36

We're at that key time - a tour just before a new album - where Ben has a go with some new material. You've probably already heard Errant Dog, Effington, Free Coffee and The Bitch Went Nuts by now, but since then he's pulled out two more - 'Kylie from Connecticut', and the B-side-tastic 'Hiroshima'.

Apparently Ben was recording these shows, as he invited the audience to perform a couple of parts to mix into the studio version of 'Hiroshima' (though the 'la-da-da' stuff he recorded for 'Rockstar' never made it). Handily, someone else was recording too, so you can hear the songs in pretty great quality. Big thanks to Ryan at (sell them and you're dead).

But wait-a-minute... isn't Hiroshima a relyric'd improv based on a drunken shout from Berlin? Either Ben has secretly been testing out new material for years, or he's getting drunks to write for him these days. Careful now; that sounded dangerously like an opinion.

Oops - that reminds me. If you only read one humongous post this week, make it Chudley's. Thankee very much little lady!

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