Message board woes.

3/July/2001 - 0:39

First my apologies to all those who were taking part in the very active Album board on the message boards. My host ( was down for half an hour yesterday, and as a result, we lost all the threads in that board :(. Posting is still enabled, and the other boards still have all their previous posts, the problems only affect previous posts to the album board.

Anyway, while I try to bring back the lost messages, keep on posting. I'm sure we can fill it up again before too long.

If it turns out to be a problem between the boards and, then I will either switch to a different board system, or try to find a different host.

Again, sorry to all who posted. Please keep the posts coming, and I'll see what I can do to recover the lost messages.

-A very angry Andy

Also, apologies to those of you I haven't emailed over the weekend. My email was down between Friday afternoon and Monday evening due to maintainence on a power transformer at the university, but it's back up and I will reply in the next couple of days!

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