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17/July/2001 - 18:35

First of all, news of last night's long awaited solo show at the Belly Up Tavern...

There was no mistake that the performance was something special. Not only did the audience get to hear the mysterious Hiro's Song, but also get a few Ben Folds Five numbers thrown in for good measure. The setlist comprised of the following:

Not The Same
Still Fighting It
Hiro's song
Annie Waits
Zak & Sara
The Ascent of Stan
Losing Lisa
Carrying Cathy
Fred Jones Pt 2
Rockin' the Suburbs
-=First Encore=-
Song for the Dumped
-=Second Encore=-
Best Imitation of Myself

Apparently Ben forgot the words to "Best Imitation", but came right back with "Philosophy", substituting in the lyrics: "And you take this all for granted. You take the mortar-block and glass; and forget the f*ckin' words to the song."

What's more, Chris (kingweasle101) from our very own message boards got to go to the soundcheck and meet the man himself! Read what he had to say here.

In other news Weird Al has been hard at work directing the music video for "Rockin' the Suburbs". You can read his update here.

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