Live Album Released, Summer Tour Begins!

19/June/2013 - 10:18

June 4th saw Ben Folds Five's first live album. You choose if you want to call it 'Live' or 'Ben Folds Five Live’ - I've seen it in press releases both ways. If you're waiting for your vinyl to arrive, that time capsule order got pushed back to July 9.

Or perhaps you're planning on picking it up at a gig this summer? (That's me after the fiasco with my pledge vinyl) Tour started on the 17th in Texas and about a solid month and a half of touring with Barenaked Ladies and Guster is on the upswing. Check this tour out, add yourself and maybe find a burbian concertmate!

Ben is currently, supposed to be, working on his piano concerto. He discussed how 'hard' it was at a show in April in Ann Arbor, MI. It is set to debut March 13 2014 with the Nashville Symphony. Shows also on the 14th and 15th, tickets are on sale for non-season-ticketholders July 19th.

Darren has also recently been posting pictures on the Hotel Lights Facebook page of a fourth Hotel Lights album in the recording stages. Also posted were some pictures behind the scenes of a forthcoming video for fan-favorite 'Sky High' off of 'The Sound of the Life of the Mind.' 

Speaking of the Sky High Video - here's a quick little interview with VEVO, in which they spell Jessee incorrectly, and Robert has some neat little dance moves. Ha. They filmed it at the Museum of the Moving Image, it looks like a neat place, and I am certainly looking forward to the eventual release of the video.

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