Leno performance video!

25/October/2004 - 20:29

'Pointer' and 'MrFo' over at the org have, between them, kindly recorded, encoded and uploaded Ben, Bill and Joe's performance of "Common People" from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Friday night.

Unfortunately the first 5 seconds got chopped off, but there's enough there to appreciate the performance. It's a pretty weighty file (a 73.1MB zip file containing a 94.5MB MPEG), and requires codecs that can be obtained by downloading and installing the Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder v. 2.0 build 3611, or possibly playing it through WinDVD or similar software MPEG-2 decoding software.

Alternatively, I have re-encoded it into a 43MB MPEG-1 file that should play without any codec trickery. The video size is considerably smaller (to get the size down), so all you hardcore Folds/Shatner/Jackson junkies should go for the original.

Made your decision? Then get the original zip file (73.1MB) or the lighter MPEG-1 (43MB). (Right-clicking the links might be required depending on your browser preferences).

Oh, and the other members of the band? That'll be Lindsay Jamieson and Jared Reynolds on drums and bass repectively, who are backing Ben up on his US and UK tour dates, and will be helping Ben out with the new album. Oh yeah, and the guitarist was the always-happy-to-help John Mark Painter.

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