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20/October/2006 - 10:30

Ben Folds in Second LifeDid you have a good Ben day yesterday? What with his second life chat, appearance on Conan, and listening party all going on, it was a Ben-fan's dream come true. Well, for fortunate/american/IE-using Ben fans anyway.

The good news is, that regardless of which activity took your fancy, we have something for you!

First off, many people have been unable to get to the streaming preview of his new album due to geographical/technological preferences. Well, wouldn't it be grand if someone came along and fixed it? Yeah, that's be swell.

Secondly, board mod general_apathy was one of the lucky invited for Ben's Second Life chat, and dutifully reported back with all the questions/answers, and posted up a transcript of the text chat [fun masochistic activity - read the whole thing!] plus some pictures of Ben. Ah, the internets. Where else can a tortured rock star live out his fantasies of leaping from the interview chair, strip to his waist, and attack the crowd with a light sabre?

And talking of living out fantasies - what about that Conan appearance? Seriously, check this out:

Now how many of you wouldn't do the same if you were him? Some people were impressed by his ability to play the piano half-blind. Me? I want to see him do it with a hook hand. And just think what the discarded appendage could fetch on eBay.

Actually, there is rumoured reason to the piratical madness. According to an ancient legend carved on the insides of the good ship Livejournal, Ben's been filming a video dressed as a pirate. More when I know it!

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