Learn To Live With What You Are music video!

14/November/2006 - 0:09

Ben Folds woos the ladies with his pirate joke in the Learn To Live With What You Are music videoBreaking news! The official music video for 'Learn To Live With What You Are' has just hit the internet courtesy of Yahoo Music.

As previously rumoured, the video does indeed feature Ben dressed up in full pirate garb - donned in secret after a gig.

As well as the reported trip on kiddie's bike (which he steals after killing a dog - trust me, it's hilarious), he sneaks through waiting crowds, takes his sword to most things he sees, and cruises the bars looking for a buxom wench. I'm not sure I get the bridge bit at the end, but who cares?

Inidentally, the audio has again been fiddled with - the strings being brought further forward in the mix, and a bit of an edit is performed at the end - not so much that you'd really notice though.

The Yahoo stream doesn't work for everyone, so here's something we can all enjoy.

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