Last Post from Ben & Paste Magazine Gives Way to Normal 89/100

1/September/2008 - 6:54

Ben came by (right click from the rss page...) for the last time today, and left us with a bit of information about the songs on the album "in a way that I'm not going to be able to articulate in the wider press." Highlighting on Free Coffee, Hiroshima and Kylie from Connecticut, he also discuses the literal (or is it not?) aspects of the album, as well as the photoshoot for the album's artwork.

For those wondering what's happening on September 18th in Chapel Hill? Yeah, we still don't know either. However, keep your eyes focused here or on Rolling Stone as we're expected to find out tomorrow.... Ben just popped by, again, with this; "sorry!  RS just said it will now be tomorrow AM." That means September 3rd AM (for us US-ers).

As for Paste - You can check out the whole review here. (Right click, again, RSS/permalink-ers)

Highlights include the bold statement that Way to Normal, "is the first album where his artistry seems fully realized, both in terms of subject matter and performance. Witty, balanced and high charged, this is Ben Folds at the top of his game."

We'll just have to see if we also find Way to Normal to be Ben at the top of his game. And for reference sake, Paste gave Conor Obert's solo album an 80, and the new Randy Newman album a 79. (75-90 is commendable and 91+ is phenomenal on their new system, which only started this last issue).

This review has been uploaded to Ben's website, but has not been published in any copy of the magazine, but I would not be surprised to see it in their October issue.

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